Check These Undeniable Benefits Of Video Screening For Your Company

Sep 22, 2021 6:56:13 AM | Check These Undeniable Benefits Of Video Screening For Your Company

If you are wondering why you should incorporate a video hiring technology into your company’s screening process.

Look no further, this post is for you. Here’s how integrating video interviewing and video screening tools will benefit your business.

Why Use Video Screening?

Video recruitment is all the rage. And for good reason. 56% of talent recruiters and hiring managers admit that digital interview and screening tools are the biggest impacts on their hiring process. Companies are embracing the digital way of doing business. Let’s take a look at the undeniable ways your business can benefit from video screening.

Video Interviewing? Digital Recruitment? It’s not the future- because it’s already here. And thousands of businesses are benefiting from on-demand videos through intuitive platforms. 

How your business will benefit from Integrating a video screening and recruiting platform

  1. Candidate screening opportunities

Video recruiting can offer your organization the option of screening the candidates without the need for a one on one interview. There are two benefits to this. Firstly, the candidate that does not meet requirements can be eliminated without much time spent on the applicant. Secondly, the hiring managers can get a broader perspective of a wider range of candidates. Some resumes stand out, and the candidate does not match in real life. Other resumes fade into the background like a monotone wallpaper but the candidate might be a good match in person. This is how the video responses can be a make or break, as well as offer a wider range of opportunities for candidates to showcase themselves beyond the resume. If you stick with traditional hiring, you never know what gems you’re letting get away.

  1. Quicken the hiring process

Overall, from end to end, video screening can dramatically quicken the hiring process. Your organization saves time on travel costs, unnecessary interviews, administrative chores, and scheduling. 

  1. Improve overall connection

As humans, we process visual information easier and more accurately than text-based information. 90% of internet users will recall a video ad 30 days after seeing it, and if that ad was text-only? The ad probably would’ve exited the memory bank just as quick as the click to open a link. This means that a video job posting and a candidate’s video response will help both to assimilate information more accurately. The key is that not only does information get processed quicker, but it also gets comprehended better. This benefits both the recruiter and the candidate. 


Did You Know? 


The human brain can process videos up to 60 thousand times faster than a text. People that watch a video remember 95% of the information- but when that same information is read in text? Our minds tend to grasp a dismal 10% of the context. 

Let’s come face to face with the truth about video: our minds thrive on it. Why not use it to leverage your business? 

  1. Improve performance tracking

Once video hiring has been implemented and the initial hiring processes are completed, recruiters can identify common characteristics of successful candidates. Information on body language, replies to similar questions, and even location when filming are all points of reference information. This information can be used to quicken and sharpen the hiring process in the future. It’s like an investment that just gets better over time, not unlike a fine wine. Perhaps there’s a congruent level of proficiency with a particular skill, experience, or even personal development goals. Similarly, information can be gathered and used to red flag future candidates against a backdrop created by previous unsuccessful candidates. These aspects can all be integrated as features to flag or look out for future candidacies. 

  1. Organize hiring teams with easy administration

Hiring teams can access candidate’s videos, leave feedback, and manage the hiring from one simple and easy to use platform like VideoCV. Teams can also rate applicants, leave comments and contribute towards hiring decisions. The entire hiring team can gain the insightful benefits of one on one interviews. 

  1. Simplify HR Tasks

The life of an HR manager is not that glamorous. There is an endless stack of paperwork to get through, and even if we’re talking about digital documents, they still amount to hours of manual input.  But with an online video screening platform, you could benefit from an intuitive feature that automates these tasks. When it comes to recruitment, the HR’s hands are typically filled with manually coordinating interviews and testing rounds. Video screening tools can smoothen the scheduling process and competency test for applicants to submit, and HR professionals to access at any time. 

  1. Get the benefits of one-on-one interviews without spending time interviewing every candidate

It’s clear that digital recruitment is here to stay. Traditional hiring protocols are swiftly being replaced by faster and more effective on-demand video interviews. If you want to have a more efficient and cost-effective way to measure potential, let the on-demand video interviewing guide your process. The candidate records answers to pre recorded interview questions, which the HR or hiring manager can access at any time. These offer the same in-depth view that a one-on-one interview would but in half the time and cost.

  1. Shorten the screening process

Without a video screening tool, recruiters exhaust time on candidate screenings. Whether this meant multiple rounds of in-person interviews or extensive call sheets to connect with prospective applicants over the phone, the video screening tool helps to condense the process and simplify screening. 

  1. Cut time to hire by 50% (at least!)

It’s obvious the overall time to hire is dramatically reduced due to all features of online recruitment. But few realise video-functionality helps cut time-to-hire by easing scheduling as well. It helps you to schedule candidates in the next round of interviews, and select one-on-one real-time interviews with the candidates who exhibit the best possible fit with the position and company. It also helps to reduce the wait for scheduling alignment for candidates that live out of town and may not easily make an in-person interview. 


Did you know? 


The average interview lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. Without the help of a screening tool, hiring teams need to sit through hours interviewing candidates who they can immediately tell aren’t going through to the next round. 

  1. Save on travel costs

Okay, this is an easy one. On deman video interviewing reduces the number of one-on-one in-person interviews. As you can imagine, this will naturally reduce the costs allocated to travel. If the final round of interviews are in-person, the interview list will be shorter than average if the online screening tools are leveraged well. 

  1. Record video interviews for more in-depth analysis

When interviews are done in real-time through video, the recruiters can record the interviews and refer back them. Responses can be analysed and shared on the hiring platform for the entire team to provide feedback and ensure they hire the right person for the role. The insight garnered from video recordings can also help hiring teams to create a dramatically shorter final list for in-person interviews.

  1. Helping hand for hiring managers

Video interview platforms are an efficient assistant for hiring managers. Digital interview platforms help hiring managers with rapid candidate comparison and keep ahead of the hiring schedule. Because everything is digital, it eases up pressure on scheduling conflicts and eradicates delays. The candidate pipeline is easily accessible, offering hiring managers a clearer perspective on all candidates. Ultimately helping hiring managers make accurate assessments and pivotal hiring decisions.

  1. Reduce the overall number of candidates while getting more applications from qualified candidates

Quality over quantity- always. Especially if your hiring timeline depends on it. 

When your team uses video interviewing, you reduce the overall number of candidates but increase the number of quality applicants. Why? Because only a candidate that knows they are eligible for the position tends to record and submit the video responses. With video tools, you get to benefit from face to face interviews without wasting time on irrelevant applicants.


When you don’t have the benefits of digital hiring software at your hiring team’s helm, you end up exhausted by screening candidates that you know won’t be a good fit. And the most frustrating part? You can identify within the first few minutes whether or not this candidate has a chance at moving through to the next round. 


But without a video interview and screening tool? You are left to wait it out with the candidate. Thanks to online screening tools, candidates can record answers to prerecorded questions, and the hiring team can skip the candidate if they recognize within the initial few minutes whether or not they are a good fit. You get to decide whether or not you will continue spending time watching the full candidate video or skip to the next. 

  1. Get the most out of the interview process

Hiring managers and their teams can formulate in-depth questions based on the wider perspective the candidate response videos provide. The videos can be analysed and used to paint an accurate picture of skills, characteristics while identifying any misaligned with what is written on the resume and what is shown on the video.

  1. Simplify high-volume recruitment

If you have ever been at the forefront of a high volume hiring campaign then this benefit will boost your resolve to go digital. High volume recruitment isn’t easy. It’s painstakingly long, at best. That’s because there is a large number of applications to sift through and not enough hours in the day. With a video interview, you get to watch the videos at your own pace and avoid a deathly long queue of candidate screens. 

  1. Objective interview process

Traditional one on one interview is a breeding ground for bias. 

But this shouldn’t surprise you- traditional in person, face to face interviews lack the broad perspective video screening and interviewing can offer. Traditional interviews are no longer considered effective processes to analyse job candidates. 


Online interviews eradicate the potential for unconscious bias and give the entire hiring team a standardised framework for consistently measuring a candidate’s skills and character.


Interview bias is more rampant than you may suspect. We won’t get into the ten different types of interview bias here. But what we will say is that video interviews can help fend off bias by:

  • Having the entire team involved in analysing the candidate video responses. While this may sound like an administrative nightmare to many, platforms like VideoCV offer an easily implemented tool to organize all feedback and ratings.
  • If there’s one traitor to clear judgement it’s memory. But that’s not to say memory is at fault, it’s just the way it’s been hard-wired to associate remembering with emotion. With video interviews that are prerecorded and saved on the platform, no memory (however short or long term) needs to interfere with crucial hiring decisions
  • Prerecord the same set of initial questions. Traditional interviews follow a conversational form, which may put the candidate at ease but could cause a certain degree of bias. When a candidate has to answer prerecorded questions, they can do so at their convenience which already reduces stress. Candidates can immediately be more at ease as they answer the same questions that each candidate has to answer. Giving the hiring team an unbiased first look at prospective candidates
  1. Gives your company a market advantage. 

When you use on demand video interviewing in your recruitment, you get to cast a worldwide net to sort your newest talent to add to the team. This sharpens your business’s competitive edge while making better hiring decisions much easier. The whole hiring team can all ask the interviewee questions once they make it through to the real-time interview, and allow the team to virtually share impressions straight away. Video conferencing interviews can be utilized to include the hiring team in a less intimidating manner. The advantages of video conferencing interviews include entire team contribution, and insightful questions from a party of interviewers can help to dig a little deeper into the candidate’s character and professional capabilities.

But there’s more to on demand video interviewing than a video call. If you want to make the most of your video-based hiring, then you need to have the VideoCV tool to give you an advantage. What you need is an easy to implement technology that will shorten the hiring process and allow you to reel in the most sought after candidates while competitors are still coming to terms with the digitization of recruitment. 

The online interview revolution has arrived, do you need any more reasons to use digital software? More than just a video interview, a platform can benefit your company in ways you might not realise. Take a look at these benefits you might not have heard about before. 

  • More to Video Interviewing than just Video

What many organizations are yet to realise, is just how beneficial video platforms can be for the business itself. When you account for the number of resources saved, you see how the odds begin to stack in the favor of success. How else can you get the job done faster, with a potentially more successful outcome, in less than half the time? And all the while providing the candidates with a positive experience of your company?

  • Create a standout company video

With tools like a company pitch option, you get to show your company off in a video. Candidates get an immediate sense of whether or not they will be a good fit in the working environment and get a feel for what your company is all about. And yes, this goes a long way towards helping you save time (again!). Candidates can swiftly decide if they want to be a part of your company- and if the answer is no, then your hiring team doesn’t have to waste their time on a redundant application. 

Creating a company video also helps to curate a well-formulated description of not only the open role but the company as a whole. Your company video can clarify what you are looking for from the very start and immediately begin the candidate filtering process just by interested applicants viewing the company video. 

Making the recruitment process video-based helps to bolster the interview success rate. In other words, you spend less time on unsuccessful applicants and more time on a hand-picked selection of quality candidates.

Is your organisation ready to benefit from on demand video interviewing? 

Video interviewing, digital recruitment and online screening are tools your company needs for a successful video recruitment process. 

Integrating on demand video interviewing strategies with talent acquisition can be seamless and simple with VideoCV. Employers benefit from dramatically reduced hire time, exponential interview success rates, overall positive candidate experience and brand association, and even helps to expand company marketing opportunities. How can your business benefit from VideoCV? Contact the team and see how video interview software can leverage your company’s success.

Fred-Erik Piirmaa

Written By: Fred-Erik Piirmaa