How Important Is It To Know The Industry You Are Hiring For?

Sep 20, 2022 8:02:08 AM | How Important Is It To Know The Industry You Are Hiring For?

Some companies and agencies tend to ignore the importance of knowing the industry we are hiring for. As a result, companies end up with non-performers and dead-weights in those positions that matter the most.

While it is true that most of us know our jobs and we know what we need to do, and we know how we fit in the overall scheme of things when it comes to hiring someone for a specific role, it can be imperative to have an understanding of what the industry requires from its employees. 


It is always better to know the industry you are hiring for. For every industry, there are different jobs that suit the employees. This article will discuss the importance of understanding the industry you are hiring for. 

Why is it important to have knowledge?

Some companies and agencies tend to ignore the importance of knowing the industry we are hiring for. As a result, companies end up with non-performers and dead-weights in those positions that matter the most. Such an outcome is best described as a bad investment, and it can pressure a business and ultimately break it down.


It is crucial to know the industry you are interested in as much as possible before making a move. This helps you gain insight into the different needs of the workers. You can gain more information about an industry by speaking with those individuals who currently work within the field.


Many recruiters or recruitment agencies have been using social media diligently to find promising candidates for a new hire. As a result, the number of job seekers has increased tenfold these days. At many places, it has raised a question- how necessary it is to know about an industry while even going after a simple job opening? Recruiters also ask their clients whether they need professionals with in-depth knowledge of a particular industry while filling up new posts. Let us try to find some answers to this question together.


Are you an HR professional looking for a top talent candidate? 

If you're an HR professional, it's essential to understand the job you're trying to fill before advertising it to candidates.

A complete and detailed job description and job posting will help you hire the right person for the right job. To do so, recruiters need to have a good understanding of what will be expected of the new hire as well as in-depth industry knowledge.


What is industry knowledge?

From trademarks to terms and jargon to quirks, it's no secret that recruiters have to immerse themselves in the industry they are hiring for.

Industry knowledge can be defined as the knowledge base and understanding of the "ins-and-outs" of a particular industry. 

Why is industry knowledge important?

It is important to know the industry as much as possible prior to hiring. However, it is not always easy to figure out what is going on in a given industry. Most industries have the same general knowledge, but there are some differences between each of them. You can often find out a lot from speaking with those who work for a particular industry.

You might be wondering how important it is when you hire staff. It definitely makes plenty of sense when you want to know what you are hiring for and what kind of people you should be hiring. High-quality candidates help companies grow further and thus make sure that they don't have to make changes or hire new candidates again later on.

If you want to make a positive impact as a recruiter, then accumulating industry knowledge cannot be overemphasised. 


These are just some of the benefits that industry knowledge can offer:

  • It helps identify top talent 
  • Match these top candidates with the ideal company
  • Boost reputation as a recruiter or agency and possibly create a pipeline for ongoing referrals

How to improve industry knowledge

How can recruiters boost their industry knowledge and understanding?

Thanks to platforms like Youtube and the age of video content that we are living (and thriving) in, there are countless ways to learn about a wide range of industries. Whether it's software development, accounting, marketing, or management, there is a sea of videos out there created by field experts to help people like you and me learn more about the industry. 

The importance of branding videos

Branding videos can also help educate recruiters (as well as possible candidates) to understand industry trends and insider information. This is typically done to help potential candidates learn more about the industry expectations and company culture. 

If you are part of an organisation that wants to hire top talent, one of the best ways to do so is by leveraging video. 


Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Use video screening tools such as VideoCV to create an introductory video to introduce the company and communicate company culture to candidates. This can give recruiters (if an outside agency is used) a way to understand exactly what type of candidate will benefit the company and give candidates a clear idea of precisely what is expected of them. 

  • Your company can use a branding video to help candidates understand more about the company, effectively eliminating candidates who will not be a good fit. It is possible that without this branding video, the potential candidates will not fully understand the company culture or the industry. This leads to candidates that might look good on paper, but those typed words do not end up translating to a good fit in terms of practical application. What this means is that using video to share and communicate things like brand awareness and company culture can save your company in the long run, especially considering the high cost of the average recruitment. 

Whether you are recruiting for your own company or working as a general recruiter, video tools can help to educate on industry knowledge, which ultimately saves precious resources (time and money are valuable!).


Are you a general recruiter? 

Use your time wisely and watch videos on specific topics and companies concerning the industry you are hiring for, especially if you want to hook top talent and connect them with companies. 


Are you recruiting for a company? 

Using VideoCV can be one of the best assets to add to your recruitment process. Videos can help your potential candidates understand everything that is essential about your company culture and communications from the get-go. It can also help potential candidates understand exactly what is required of them. This saves time and money during the recruiting process, not to mention the overall reduction in "poor hires" (hires that seem good on paper but do not end up working out well). 


Videos help bridge the gap between candidates with top talent and their ideal companies, essentially translating into a long-term relationship between employee and employer. 

Find out how VideoCV can help your company find top talent today through the use of video tools.

Fred-Erik Piirmaa

Written By: Fred-Erik Piirmaa