How Eesti Energia improved the quality of the candidates when using VideoCV

Aug 3, 2022 8:25:49 AM | How Eesti Energia improved the quality of the candidates when using VideoCV

We sat down with our partner and experienced HR specialists Natalja Horohordin to discuss the improvements VideoCV tool brought to their Eesti Energia HR team.

Who is Eesti Energia?


Eesti Energia is an international public limited energy company operating mainly in the Baltic and Nordic. Eesti Energia is one of the largest employers in Estonia with over 5000 employees.

We spoke with Natalja Horohordina, an HR manager & Talent Aqcuisition manager at Eesti Energia to find out the impact of VideoCV platform on their successful hirings.


Setting hiring goals for Eesti Energia


Eesti Energia set a clear goal to part ways with the traditional recruitment process “job advertisement – interview –technical competency – decision”. Today, recruiting is based also on sales, marketing, and candidate experience. The company decided to turn to innovative digital solutions.

In addition, the company tries to be closer to the younger generation of job-seekers by making the recruitment process more exciting.


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How did VideoCV improve the process?

The most fascinating aspect was the quality of the candidates.

Thanks to the VideoCV solution the recruiter and the manager possess quality information about a candidate already before the candidate arrives for the interview. It saves a ton of time because in this case, both sides are already more or less acquainted and the interview can be conducted focusing more on expectations and opportunities. VideoCV provided a great candidate experience, receiving tons of positive feedback.


Compared to the previous process, VideoCV provided the recruiter with an ability to ask specific questions, just like a regular face-to-face interview. This approach drastically narrowed down the selection of candidates, making the whole recruitment process much more effective.

Watching the videos, recruiters could immediately tell who has the potential to proceed to further rounds of the recruitment process.

In case the recruiter had doubts about the candidate, it was easy to share the candidates' video to colleagues and managers to get quick feedback only with a couple of clicks.


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Natalja Horohordina, HR manager & Talent Acquisition manager for Eesti Energia


“Video recruitment is growing rapidly. We live in a world, where new generations are entering the labor market, who are not used to the traditional application process. It is a fact. We need to constantly think about who are our target groups. How do they behave? What do they prefer? Video recruitment solutions work perfectly with younger applicants. It is the future!”

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The Bottom Line 

The overall workplace as well as recruitment has changed. Now is the time to find out how that impacts your business.

VideoCV is the easiest way to manage your recruiting workflow. Manage your candidate pipeline, schedule interviews, track resumes, and find the ideal candidate with shared values that will continue adding value to the company long after the recruitment process is over. 

Find out how VideoCV can benefit your company today, so that you can begin landing candidates that can make a valuable contribution to your company’s future.

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Fred-Erik Piirmaa

Written By: Fred-Erik Piirmaa